Judges play a unique and critical role in our democratic system of government. Mindful of the constitutionally-mandated right of litigants to an impartial judge, and recognizing the importance of maintaining public confidence in the integrity of judicial decision-making, the National Ad Hoc Advisory Committee was established by the National Center for State Courts to enhance the quality of judicial campaigns and candidate behavior by encouraging the establishment of and supporting the work of judicial campaign conduct committees. Such oversight committees resolve issues relating to claims of improper conduct during judicial campaigns. Conduct committees also participate in setting the tone of judicial elections in their jurisdiction.

The Ad Hoc Committee pursues its mission by:

  • making groups such as state and local bar associations and civic organizations aware of the campaign conduct committee model;
  • offering advice on the organization, procedures, and operations of such committees,
  • establishing best practices for such committees;
  • serving as a clearinghouse for the exchange of information about conduct committees and their impact; and
  • collaborating with local and national organizations to analyze issues facing such committees.

Responses to requests from individual candidates or their campaigns will be limited to referrals. Nothing the Committee says shall be construed as an endorsement of any candidate's or committee's action(s) or as legal advice.